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coax calculator spreadsheet

We fixed a bug in our coax calculator spreadsheet, the loss tangent of foamed PTFE was way too high, as pointed out by Joe who was getting ridiculous loss numbers when simulating RG6! There is perhaps no more easily analyzed transmission line than coax. Our spreadsheet performs the exact calculation of metal losses of coax with frequency (splitting out the calculations for center and outer conductors). It also computes dielectric losses due to loss tangent and dielectric conductivity and a ton of other parameters like characteristic impedance, capacitance and inductance per unit length, cutoff frequency, etc. The spreadsheet handles the offset coax calculation. See why our spreadsheet is a ton more useful than Keysight's ADS or AWR's Microwave Office for analyzing coax! Thanks to Sergio from Italy, the latest version adds surface roughness to the calculation, a topic that we all need to better understand...





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